Lampa stołowa BULLET TABLE


Bullet is a chameleon lamp… Do you dream of an innovative, yellow lamp? Maybe you are looking for pastel decorations for the children's room? No problem, you can decide on the nature of Bullet at your home. A simple frame and an incredibly modest form give us unlimited possibilities!
The phenomenon of the project lies within the shapely form, ethereal nature, and restraint of the lamp. You can play with colour as you like, let Bullet feel in your house at home.


This lamp has many faces: in the classic white or black version it is a great complement to the Scandinavian styling, in vivid colours it will accentuate the interiors decorated in a contemporary style, in soft pastels it will fit into rustic rooms… It will be perfectly suited to both the comfort of your home or a hotel room.
NOTE! The product is available in a wide range of colors. Select the color in the CUSTOMIZE / DESIGN tab.