Lampa podłogowa AMBER FLOOR – czarny


The Amber standing lamp is a kind of praise for the "good old days". A tribute to classic design. A reference to times in which symmetry, order, and classic solutions were supreme leaders. Times when beauty resulted from excellent, almost mathematical proportions. The form of Amber refers to items that are not trying to force the way with their design. The asset of this project is its timelessness, and versatility through it. In accordance with the principle that "classic never gets old".


Paradoxically, the Amber standing lamp is not doomed to being an element of interiors decorated in the spirit of classic, although in such arrangements it will feel great. A great idea, although requiring a little courage and universal canon breaking skills, is to use the Amber lamp indoors, where it will be a surprising accent, a monotony-breaking detail.
This goes for minimalist or even industrial interiors. The Amber lamp series also includes a table lamp, a wall lamp, and a hanging lamp.